October 13, 2021| 63 0

Air Serbia Restores Kraljevo Service

Air Serbia has resumed operations between Kraljevo and Vienna for the first time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. The carrier will maintain two weekly flights between the two cities with its ATR72 aircraft. Services have so far been scheduled until December 30. “We are glad to be gradually expanding our offer and that w …

February 11, 2021| 82 0

NATO Facilitates New Civilian Flight Routes Into Kosovo

There was an important breakthrough for NATO’s Balkans Aviation Normalization process today. With imminent effect, airlines flying to Kosovo through its lower territory will finally be able to make a more direct approach to Pristina Airport. This will reduce travel time for passengers, cut fuel consumption for airlines, and lower the environmental …

February 9, 2021| 127 0

Wizz’s Sarajevo base to impact Croatia Airlines, Air Serbia

Wizz Air announced its 41st base in Sarajevo last week with plans to station an Airbus A320 aircraft in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital from May 20. It will result in the launch of nine new routes and the addition of 250.000 seats in and out of Sarajevo this year. However, Wizz Air’s expansion is expected to have an impact on both Croatia Airlines …

February 3, 2021| 166 0

Qatar suspends Sarajevo, Skopje flights until next winter

Qatar Airways has shelved plans to resume operations from Doha to both Sarajevo and Skopje during the summer of 2021. Services to both cities were suspended in March of last year and were initially to be restored on October 25, 2020, before being delayed until late March of this year. However, all ticket sales have now been halted until the start o …

January 25, 2021| 93 0

Air Serbia to restore MENA operations

Air Serbia intends on resuming flights to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), despite initial plans to significantly downsize its operations in the region. The carrier has restored ticket sales for services to Cairo and plans to return to Tel Aviv as well, while an inventory listing has been filed for services to Beirut, although tickets are y …

January 18, 2021| 93 0

Slovenian carrier decision looms as Ljubljana hits historic low

The Slovenian government is expected to soon submit its Recovery and Resilience Plan to the European Union which is believed to include a proposal for set up of a new national carrier with 76 million euros in funds. It comes as Ljubljana Airport registered its slowest year since 1992 by handling 288.235 passengers in 2020, representing a decrease o …

January 9, 2021| 92 0

Montenegro Airlines Collapse Brings New Carriers To Podgorica

Several foreign airlines are increasing capacity to Montenegro or launching new routes to its two airports, Podgorica and Tivat. These moves follow the decision by the country’s government to shut down its national airline and flag carrier of 26 years, Montenegro Airlines. Air Serbia reacted the very same day On December 24th, 2020, the government of …

January 5, 2021| 124 0

Etihad to work closely with Air Serbia

Etihad Airways has said it will continue to work closely with Air Serbia after reducing its ownership stake in the airline. Commenting on the matter, an Etihad spokesperson told EX-YU Aviation News, “Following the Serbian government’s recapitalization of Air Serbia, Etihad’s shareholding has diluted from 49% to 18%. We are pleased the Serbian gover …

January 1, 2021| 107 0

Etihad Makes Moves To Fully Exit From Air Serbia

Etihad and Air Serbia are no longer the strong partners they used to be for the past seven years. Both airlines have now permanently suspended Belgrade to Abu Dhabi flights, Etihad has sold much of its share in Air Serbia, and their wide-ranging codeshare network has ended. At the same time, the Serbian government has paid $120 million for much of …

December 31, 2020| 85 0

State increases Air Serbia share by 31% for €100 million

The Serbian government has increased its share in Air Serbia to 82% through recapitalization for 100 million euros, just two days before the carrier’s partnership with Etihad Airways, which now holds an 18% stake, marks its seventh year. In comparison, Etihad turned a forty million US dollar loan provided to the Serbian carrier into a 49% stake on …

December 27, 2020| 177 0

Air Serbia expands Montenegro operations

Air Serbia has started adding flights and has more than doubled its capacity to Montenegro compared to its initial plan over the coming days. It comes amid the collapse of Montenegro Airlines, leaving the Serbian carrier as the sole operator between the two countries, which is the busiest cross-border market in the former Yugoslavia. The Serbian ai …

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