November 8, 2021| 862 0

British Airways returns to the United States as borders reopen

British Airways flight BA001 became the airline’s first flight to depart for the US this morning, as the country lifted restrictions imposed on British travelers for more than 18 months. The BA001, the flight number previously reserved for Concorde, departed Heathrow at 08:30 this morning in a synchronized take-off with Virgin Atlantic’s VS3 flight. …

November 3, 2021| 559 0

British Airways Plans A380 Flights To South Africa From January

British Airways has added Airbus A380 flights to Johannesburg to its schedule from January 10th. As things stand, the route will be the fourth long-haul flight operated by the giant of the skies, following its return to passenger service with the airline, planned for next Monday. British Airways is planning to send the Airbus A380 back to Johannesbu …

September 25, 2021| 591 0

British Airways Plans Austin and San Diego resumption

The Covid-19 virus has caused havoc all over the planet and brought virtually all international leisure travel to a standstill. Over the last couple of months, there have been signs of recovery in air travel, with domestic flight numbers increasing. Another major sign of recovery is surfacing, the resumption of long-haul international flights to le …

July 31, 2021| 572 0

British Airways Ups Capacity Following UK Vaccine Announcement

British Airways will add thousands of extra seats on select routes from London to the United States, as well as to the European Union due to a surge in bookings. It was just a few days ago that the government finally announced an end to the quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated travelers coming from the US and EU. With the new policy coming i …

July 6, 2021| 518 0

Zagreb Airport recovery accelerates with new airlines and routes

Following months of stagnation and declining passenger figures, Zagreb Airport is seeing its traffic pick up this month with a number of airlines increasing frequencies and capacity. “In the summer months, growth is expected to accelerate, culminating with the opening of Ryanair’s base and the launch of most of its planned new routes from Zagreb fo …

April 28, 2021| 510 0

State-Owned Vs Private Airlines – What’s The Difference?

On the surface, the difference between state-owned and private airlines is clear. A government wholly or partially owns state-owned airlines. Private companies, and in some cases millions of shareholders, own private airlines. But in reality, the distinction is not always so clear. The distinction between state-owned and private airlines is not alwa …

April 25, 2021| 488 0

How Are Meals Cooked On An Aircraft

Meals onboard can be one of the best or the worst parts of a flight – depending on the airline and your cabin class. Whether they are good or bad, there is still a lot of organization and preparation that has gone into most airline meals. Let’s find out what’s involved. Advance preparation Of course, most food is not prepared onboard. Some airlines m …

March 23, 2021| 988 0

Airbus A380 Operators: Which Airlines Are Left?

As airlines plan their future after a tough year, there is one aircraft type going missing: the Airbus A380. Several carriers have announced the superjumbos retirement in recent months, leaving its future in jeopardy. So what airlines are left operating the A380? Are they currently in service? Let’s find out. Emirates Starting with the airline with t …

March 15, 2021| 498 0

Portugal Removed From UK Red Travel List But Holidays Still Banned

To prevent new coronavirus variants from entering the country, the British government drew up a ‘red list’ of high-risk countries in January. While all international arrivals into the UK are currently required to quarantine, red list arrivals had to do so at their own expense in specially designated hotels. Two months later, Portugal is set to be r …

March 15, 2021| 446 0

British Airways CEO Says Airline Remains Committed To The A380

Sean Doyle, CEO of British Airways, has given hope to Airbus’s giant of the skies. The British flag carrier’s CEO confirmed that the aircraft would indeed return to service. However, exactly when isn’t immediately apparent. Around the world, the fate of the global Airbus A380 fleet is uncertain. While some such as Emirates and Singapore Airlines rem …

March 6, 2021| 544 0

Why Did Airbus Build The A318 Baby Bus?

The Airbus A318 is the European manufacturer’s smallest commercial aircraft flying today by length. It measures just 31.44 meters long, but why is it so small? And why did Airbus choose to build it in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at the story of the ‘Baby Bus.’ Where did it come from? Airbus launched its popular A320 family in April 1988 …

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