April 30, 2021| 449 0

Cathay Pacific resumes the Dubai route

Cathay Pacific will resume non-stop weekly flights between Dubai and Hong Kong from Friday, May 21. Flights will operate from Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport. “Dubai has been an important route for us for more than four decades and we are extremely excited to be resuming our operations from here. We look forward to welcoming travellers fro …

April 27, 2021| 503 0

Hong Kong Reportedly Seeking Australia & New Zealand Travel Bubble

The momentum surrounding travel bubbles continues to build. Buoyed by finally sealing a deal with Singapore, Hong Kong is reportedly looking south for its next travel bubbles. On the Hong Kong Government’s wish list are travel bubbles with Australia and New Zealand. Getting travel bubbles up and running remains a big ask According to a report in Exec …

March 15, 2021| 461 0

Japan Airlines Set To Stop Issuing Paper Flight Timetable Books

After 70 years of publishing its timetables in paper booklet form, Japan Airlines will stop issuing physical copies of its flight schedule. The final edition of the historic booklets has already been printed and sent to airports across Japan. Final editions available now If you are based in Japan or passing through in the next few weeks, you might be …

March 10, 2021| 401 0

Cathay Pacific Announces $2.79 Billion Loss For 2020

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airlines has today announced a loss of US$2.79 billion for calendar 2020. The loss follows a year the airline calls the most challenging in its 70-year history. Cathay Pacific only operates international flights. That means the airline has been hit especially hard by COVID-19 and the subsequent border closures and travel …

February 16, 2021| 594 0

How The Pandemic Has Impacted Airbus Beluga & Boeing Dreamlifter Flights

Airbus’ Beluga and Boeing’s Dreamlifter are instantly recognizable for their giant size and unique designs. However, as demand for large aircraft falls, how useful have these specialized cargo planes been? Here’s how the pandemic impacted the usage of the Beluga and Dreamlifters. What are they? For those unfamiliar, the Beluga family and Dreamlifters …

February 11, 2021| 410 0

Cathay Pacific Slashes Australia Schedule Only Keeping Sydney

Hong-Kong’s Cathay Pacific has slashed its flights to cities in Australia, retaining only Sydney as its sole destination. This comes amid increasingly tight restrictions on travel, which now mean crew would have to quarantine for 14 days on return to Hong Kong. Several other international routes have also been cut. Cathay drops Australia The new rule …

February 8, 2021| 409 0

Cathay Pacific Loses 5 China Routes After Shutting Cathay Dragon

The Cathay Pacific Group looks set to exit five cities in mainland China. A recent update from the Civil Aviation Administration of China gives the airline group the right to fly to more than 15 cities in mainland China. But the previously served cities of Jinan, Kunming, Changsha, Guilin, and Nanning are missing from the list. Not all bad news for …

February 4, 2021| 540 0

10 Boeing 787 Dreamliners Have Been Part Of Qantas’ Repatriation

Except for its A380 fleet, Qantas has been quietly bringing many of its planes back into service. That includes many of its Boeing 787 and Airbus A330s that mostly get used on international services. With Qantas stepping up its repatriation flights, the airline’s distinctive red tail is beginning to re-appear again at airports worldwide. All but one …

February 1, 2021| 407 0

Cathay Pacific Wants To Raise $870mn To Shore Up Liquidity

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific is back raising money to stay in the air. Twelve months into COVID-19 and almost two years since protests began in Hong Kong, the airline’s financial woes continue. Now flying a fraction of its 2019 passenger numbers, Cathay Pacific has a monthly cash burn running up to US$190 million, and there’s no relief in sight. To h …

February 1, 2021| 364 0

Hong Kong Airlines Funding Cut After Discrepancy In Headcount

Blaming a discrepancy in their employee headcount numbers, Hong Kong Airlines is under fire after receiving wage subsidies it wasn’t entitled to. A group of former cabin crew recently brought the situation to a head. The former employees lodged a complaint with Hong Kong’s administration about the wage subsidy payments. As a result, regulators hit …

February 1, 2021| 395 0

China Southern Warns Of Losses Up To $1.7bn For 2020

Guangzhou-based is flagging a US$1.7 billion loss for the 2020 calendar year. Citing COVID-19 and the subsequent drop in travel demand, the airline lodged documents with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Friday warning of the loss. China Southern Airlines is an unusual beast. While the Chinese Government via state-owned enterprises has a majority slic …

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