May 29, 2021| 424 0

Airbus Updates Suppliers On Production Plans

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus issued a press release on Thursday, May 27, providing an update to its suppliers, citing that it would continue to expect the commercial aircraft market to have a steady recovery to pre-Covid levels between the years 2023 to 2025, and this recovery will be led by the single-aisle segment as short-haul journeys in domest …

May 27, 2021| 365 0

Airbus gives suppliers heads-up of production plans

Airbus continues to expect the commercial aircraft market to recover to pre-COVID levels between 2023 and 2025, led by the single-aisle segment. The Company is therefore providing suppliers with an update of its production plans, giving visibility in order to schedule necessary investments and secure long-term capacity and production rate readiness …

April 30, 2021| 431 0

Remember When: Airbus Flew All Its Current Aircraft In Formation

We couldn’t discuss Boeing’s epic 2016 7X7-series line-up without also covering Airbus’ equally epic 2019 A3XX formation flight. Taking place in May of 2019, the flight included one aircraft from each in-production family type of Airbus’ commercial aircraft line. This consisted of the A319neo, A330neo, A350, A380, a BelugaXL – and Airbus’ newest ad …

April 25, 2021| 432 0

Airbus Set To Launch New Narrowbody A320 Replacement By Early 2030s

The A320 family has been a great success for Airbus. In service since 1988, it has overtaken the 737 in narrowbody orders (but not deliveries). There have been many upgrades and developments, most notably, of course, the A320neo. The next version could be a new clean-sheet design, according to Airbus. And possibly in service in the early 2030s. Chan …

April 20, 2021| 410 0

Why Did Airbus Buy The Bombardier C-Series?

The Bombardier C-Series was a great aircraft, but it did not sell so well. Sales increased significantly once Airbus took control of the program. Why did Airbus make this acquisition, and why has the aircraft been so successful rebranded as the Airbus A220? The Bombardier C-Series The C-Series was launched in 2008, announced at the Farnborough Intern …

April 3, 2021| 458 0

Frontier Launches IPO – How Can The Airline Benefit?

American ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) Frontier Airlines has officially gone public. Pricing out at the lower end of its target share price, the airline is still expecting to raise over $200 million from the endeavor. Here is a look at how that could benefit the airline. Frontier’s initial public offering pricing Frontier Airlines announced its initi …

March 4, 2021| 365 0

The Future Looks Dark For Lufthansa’s A380 Fleet

Lufthansa’s financial report issued today has highlighted the impact of the 2020 crisis on the shape and size of its future fleet. The Group has shrunk its collective fleet by 150 aircraft in the past 12 months, and is eyeing further retirements as the pandemic drags on. Notably, the remaining eight A380 aircraft have been placed in ‘deep storage’ …

March 2, 2021| 409 0

Air India Returns To Moscow With The Airbus A320

Air India is returning to Moscow after having suspended services due to the pandemic. The airline operated its first flight to the city’s Sheremetyevo Airport on Saturday. The route is currently intended to be run once per week. We’ve seen many airlines slowly rebuilding their networks, having had to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gi …

February 11, 2021| 394 0

Flyadeal Seeks To Retire Its Airbus A320 CEOs In 4-5 Years

Saudi Arabia’s flyadeal is not yet four years old. But the Jeddah-based low-cost airline is already planning for the future. The airline has just 12 aircraft in its fleet, 11 Airbus A320ceo planes, and a single Airbus A320neo. But as new deliveries from Airbus begin landing at Jeddah, flyadeal is mapping out a timeline to start retiring it’s A320ce …

February 9, 2021| 390 0

Boeing Set To Launch Indian 737 Tail Production

Boeing is launching a new vertical tail fin production facility in the state of Telangana, India. The facility is a joint-venture with Tata Advanced Systems and will see an existing defense plant grow to accommodate the new line. Expanding According to ITLN, Tata Boeing Aerospace announced last week that it plans to open a new production line at its …

February 8, 2021| 419 0

Saudia Airbus A320 Diverted To Jeddah After Losing Cabin Pressure

On February 5th, Saudia Airbus A320-200 flying from Cairo (Egypt) to Abha (Saudi Arabia) had to divert due to a loss of cabin pressure. Instead of reaching its destination, the 10-year-old aircraft headed to Jeddah instead, performing a safe landing 30 minutes after making its rapid descent to a safe altitude. Incident details According to The Aviati …

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