August 23, 2021| 439 0

Southwest To Help Fly Afghan Refugees Around The US

Starting Monday, low-cost carrier Southwest will operate a series of flights chartered by the Pentagon. The airline will assist in transporting refugees and evacuees from Afghanistan to undisclosed domestic locations. Southwest says it is proud to be a part of the military’s humanitarian airlift mission and stands ready to provide additional suppor …

May 25, 2021| 443 0

Boeing Receives New 737 MAX Order For 14 Jets

Boeing has received a new order for 14 737 MAX aircraft from Dublin-headquartered lessor SMBC Aviation Capital. The lessor says it is growing its 737 MAX portfolio in preparation for a strong recovery in air travel following the COVID-19 pandemic. The new order from the Japanese bank-backed lessor comes as airlines begin to modernize their narrowbod …

April 28, 2021| 502 0

What Does It Take To Put A Plane Into Long-Term Storage?

The last 12 months has seen a seismic shift in aircraft fleet management at airlines. With passenger demand down in most markets and not expected to recover for some time, airlines are searching for cost savings where they can. High on their hit list are big planes, especially older big planes that are costly to run. Thousands of planes go into long …

April 22, 2021| 455 0

Spirit Records $112m Net Loss With 72% Load Factor

Spirit Airlines recorded a net loss of $112 million for the first quarter of 2021. As the ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) charts a growth strategy and improvements in March, the airline is looking ahead to the summer. Its team managed capacity successfully and achieved a load factor of 72.1%, which is the highest it has been for the airline since the …

April 18, 2021| 472 0

Southwest Airlines Comes To Eugene In A Predictable Fashion

Southwest Airlines recently announced the destinations it will serve out of Eugene, Oregon. Eugene was announced as part of a recent expansion and will officially be in the airline’s network from August 29th. Starting with three daily flights, Southwest is serving the city from two very predictable markets. Southwest’s new routes out of Eugene Out of …

March 31, 2021| 486 0

Southwest Set To Offer Hawaiian Quarantine Pre-Clearance

Southwest Airlines has joined Hawaii’s Safe Travels Program, allowing passengers flying to Honolulu (Oahu) and Kahului (Maui) to skip health screening and quarantine requirements after landing. The airline says it all part of their efforts to offer a simple and streamlined arrival into Hawai‘i. “This process will expedite their time in the airport, …

March 24, 2021| 501 0

Southwest Airlines Triples The Number In Each Boarding Group

As business begins to improve, some old airline routines are getting resurrected. After months of boarding passengers in groups of ten, Southwest Airlines is now back to boarding passengers in groups of 30. According to the airline, passengers are looking for a return to normality. While Southwest Airlines stopped blocking the middle seat late last …

March 10, 2021| 390 0

Boeing 737 MAX Return To Service Gathers Pace

Two years on from the second fatal Boeing 737 MAX crash, the aircraft is flying once more. While its initial return to service was slow, the aircraft is now being operated by 14 airlines worldwide from Canada to Kazakstan. Let’s take a look at how the service return is going. Two years ago, the entire aviation industry was shocked by the tragedy of …

February 26, 2021| 573 0

Southwest Airlines Plans New Flights To Montana & Florida

Southwest Airlines is finally coming to Montana and adding a new destination in Florida. Just in time for the summer season, the new flights will cater to travelers looking for an outdoor adventure and represent Southwest’s continued strategy of adding new cities to its network and connecting them to its bases. Southwest adds new points to route net …

February 24, 2021| 461 0

The Rise Of JetBlue: How And Why The Airline Is Winning

American low-cost airline JetBlue has shown impressive growth over the past 20 years. Since its launch in 2000, it has expanded to become one of the country’s top airlines. It worked hard to differentiate itself from the competition, with better onboard amenities and a new business class concept. And perhaps the best is still to come, with a revamp …

February 22, 2021| 520 0

You Could Own An Ex-Southwest Boeing 737-300 For $550,000

If you’ve got a spare half a million lying around and have some sky-high ambitions, there’s an investment just waiting for you. A vintage Boeing 737-300, formerly operated by Southwest Airlines, is being offered for sale for less than the price of a new Ferrari. Here’s what you need to know. Boeing 737 for sale Not many airlines still fly the 737-300 …

February 14, 2021| 452 0

Southwest Sees Dip In the Number Of Passengers Who Flew Nonstop

Southwest Airlines is a large American low-cost carrier. The carrier walks a very interesting fine line between being a large airline and a low-cost carrier that caters to mostly point-to-point travelers. As the crisis began, the airline began to retreat to a more traditional hub-and-spoke network. This led to the airline seeing a slight drop in th …

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