March 15, 2021| 452 0

Donghai Airlines Penalized By CAAC Over Crew Onboard Fist Fight

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has enacted strict punishment on Donghai Airlines after details emerged regarding a fistfight between two members of crew on a domestic service last month. The regulator will not allow the airline to apply for new routes, or to add flights or capacity to its existing routes, for an unspecified perio …

March 8, 2021| 527 0

A Look At The Routes A350 Startup PRAGUSA.ONE Will Fly

Earlier today, Simple Flying brought to you the exclusive story of PRAGUSA.ONE, a startup airline that plans to operate a fleet of four A350 aircraft in Premium Economy class configuration only. Now, let’s take a look at some of the routes that PRAGUSA.ONE plans to operate. Capturing the transfer market PRAGUSA.ONE is a British company that hopes to …

March 5, 2021| 421 0

China’s New Narrowbody The COMAC C919 On Track For 2021 Certification

The new narrowbody jet of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) is on track to be certified in 2021, its chief designer says. This means that the first C919 could be in service with launch customer China Eastern Airlines before the end of the year and that Boeing and Airbus could soon face real competition on the lucrative Chinese sh …

March 3, 2021| 406 0

How COVID-19 Impacted The Level Of Boeing 747 Flights

Entire fleets of passenger 747s headed for early retirement over the course of 2020. But what did that mean for the actual number of flights operated by the Queen across the globe? Did the premature exits mean that the jumbojet disappeared from the radar? Let’s take a look at what the data has to say. Averaging 150 to 220 fewer daily flights When the …

February 25, 2021| 467 0

ANA To Cut CO2 By Scrapping Printed Magazines

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is taking steps to reach its sustainability goals by providing its inflight magazine and other onboard publications digitally. From April, these magazines and newspapers will be transitioned to be offered on the internet and on the Japanese carrier’s mobile app. Adapting to the times ANA highlights that the decision to move t …

February 25, 2021| 384 0

Boeing Forsees Need For 4,400 New Planes In Southeast Asia By 2040

Boeing shared its thoughts about the future of the Southeast Asian aviation industry yesterday. As part of its forecast, the manufacturing powerhouse said that the region will require 4,400 new aircraft valued at $700 billion to support expanding demand for air travel over the next two decades. Great prospects The Chicago-headquartered company expres …

February 13, 2021| 452 0

COVID-19 Delays COMAC C919 Testing Until Autumn

Originally slated to take place in March, natural icing trials for COMAC’s C919 are being postponed due to COVID-19 travel complications. The A320 and 737 competitor was to undertake this phase of testing in London, Ontario, Canada. All aircraft must show they can withstand and then shed layers of ice without any impact on performance. Delayed to au …

February 8, 2021| 427 0

Cathay Pacific Loses 5 China Routes After Shutting Cathay Dragon

The Cathay Pacific Group looks set to exit five cities in mainland China. A recent update from the Civil Aviation Administration of China gives the airline group the right to fly to more than 15 cities in mainland China. But the previously served cities of Jinan, Kunming, Changsha, Guilin, and Nanning are missing from the list. Not all bad news for …

February 3, 2021| 514 0

4 Chinese Travelers Avoid Baggage Fees But End Up With Ulcers

Most of us have been there. Your baggage is a bit overweight, and the dragon at check-in won’t cut you any slack. Suddenly you’re wearing two sweaters, a parka, and have a pair of shoes in your pocket while moving through security. A group of passengers in Kunming (China) recently had the same issue, only they ate their way to a solution – with som …

February 1, 2021| 410 0

China Southern Warns Of Losses Up To $1.7bn For 2020

Guangzhou-based is flagging a US$1.7 billion loss for the 2020 calendar year. Citing COVID-19 and the subsequent drop in travel demand, the airline lodged documents with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Friday warning of the loss. China Southern Airlines is an unusual beast. While the Chinese Government via state-owned enterprises has a majority slic …

January 27, 2021| 453 0

China Misses Expected Boost From Lunar New Year

China’s lunar new year is in mid-February. It is China’s most important holiday. Typically, hundreds of millions of travelers go on the move, heading home for the holiday. For China’s airlines, it’s usually the busiest time of the year. But not this year. On the back of another wave of COVID-19 in China, the 2021 lunar new year looks like being a b …

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