July 6, 2021| 518 0

Virgin Atlantic leads reopening of Heathrow

Heathrow Airport has confirmed it will return to two-runway operations from this week ahead of a predicted uptick in travel. England is expected to take the final step out of lockdown on July 19th. Prime minister, Boris Johnson, is also expected to offer more detail on the reopening of travel today. In response, the busiest airport in the UK will also …

June 9, 2021| 546 0


Qatar Airways has paused deliveries on Airbus A350 aircraft, citing a flaw in which surfaces below the paint are degrading  “at an accelerated rate.” The Gulf carrier told SamChui.com that it would  “ground certain aircraft until the condition and root cause can be understood and corrected.”  However, all A350 aircraft will be monitored and i …

May 27, 2021| 430 0

Qatar Airways CEO Sees Huge Potential In Indian Market

In an exclusive interview with Simple Flying, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker shed light on his views on the Indian market. As the second third-largest aviation market globally, India remains a key priority for Qatar Airways. Moreover, the carrier is also looking to partner or even invest in a leading Indian carrier to bolster its position. Wise Ind …

March 24, 2021| 494 0

Qatar Airways Boeing 777 Suffers Tire Damage Departing Doha

A Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300 returned to Doha on Wednesday after suffering tire damage on departure. The plane had flown over 2,000 kilometers when the pilots made the decision to head back. The aircraft landed safely around five and a half hours after departing. Pilots suspect burst tire or a bird strike Simon Hradecky first reported the incident …

March 6, 2021| 1 0

Why Is The Airbus A350-900 More Popular Than The A350-1000?

The Airbus A350 XWB family represents an exciting development in next-generation long-haul air travel for the European manufacturer. It first flew in 2013, and entered service with Qatar Airways two years later. The family consists of the A350-900 and -1000 variants, of which the former has seen far more commercial success. But why is this the case …

February 13, 2021| 571 0

France To Get A New Airbus A330-200F Operator

With a presence in 160 countries through 755 agencies, 750 warehouses, 110,000 employees, and a vast fleet of 502 ships, global shipping giant CMA CGM is expanding even further through the acquisition of four A330-200F (freighters). Coming from the cargo division of a Middle Eastern carrier, these four jets will be the foundation of CMA CGM’s new a …

February 3, 2021| 745 0

Qatar suspends Sarajevo, Skopje flights until next winter

Qatar Airways has shelved plans to resume operations from Doha to both Sarajevo and Skopje during the summer of 2021. Services to both cities were suspended in March of last year and were initially to be restored on October 25, 2020, before being delayed until late March of this year. However, all ticket sales have now been halted until the start o …

January 30, 2021| 423 0

Qatar Airways Suspends Bookings From 3 Countries Including UAE

For the following week, Qatar Airways is temporarily suspending new bookings from the UAE, South Africa, and Rwanda. The move is being undertaken at the request of the UK government. However, the airline is allowing for some exceptions. Suspending new bookings, not flights Qatar Airways will be suspending new bookings from the UAE, South Africa, and …

January 28, 2021| 404 0

Russia Reopens To India, Qatar, Finland, and Vietnam

After nearly a year, Russia has reopened its border to passengers flying from India, Qatar, Finland, and Vietnam. This allows travelers with a residence permit to fly to Russia from the four countries, but non-residents continue to be barred. Flights between the countries will also begin operating this week, with several airlines expected to start …

January 26, 2021| 591 0

The Countries With No Domestic Flights

Did you know that some of the world’s largest and most well-known airlines have no domestic market at all? This, of course, is a result of political geography and the borders a country is defined by. This has become much more important and relevant with the current health crisis as international travel restrictions cripple airlines without any dome …

January 21, 2021| 466 0

Qatar Airways Increases Partnership With IAG’s Iberia

Qatar Airways today revealed that it plans to increase its strategic partnership with Spanish airline Iberia. Qatar Airways owns 25.1% of Iberia’s owner, the International Airlines Group. The move comes as Qatar Airways looks to strengthen passengers’ travel options to South America through a range of partnerships. Qatar Airways is no stranger to co …

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