November 8, 2021| 786 0

British Airways returns to the United States as borders reopen

British Airways flight BA001 became the airline’s first flight to depart for the US this morning, as the country lifted restrictions imposed on British travelers for more than 18 months. The BA001, the flight number previously reserved for Concorde, departed Heathrow at 08:30 this morning in a synchronized take-off with Virgin Atlantic’s VS3 flight. …

July 3, 2021| 475 0

airBaltic’s A220s Head To Scotland With A New Edinburgh Connection

Yesterday, airBaltic launched a new service between Riga and Edinburgh. The Latvian airline, which also has hubs in Lithuania and Estonia, will connect the two cities with a twice-weekly service. A two-and-a-half-hour service On July 2nd, airBaltic launched its new Riga-Edinburgh service, connecting the capital cities of Latvia and Scotland. Launched …

April 30, 2021| 461 0

United flies ventilators to Delhi

On Wednesday, United helped facilitate the first shipment of ventilators from Chicago to Delhi on flight UA898. “United was honoured to play a role in transporting these ventilators, donated by the US-India Chamber of Commerce DFW, to the Indian Red Cross. This is the first of several efforts United will be taking to support India during this time o …

March 24, 2021| 468 0

Southwest Airlines Triples The Number In Each Boarding Group

As business begins to improve, some old airline routines are getting resurrected. After months of boarding passengers in groups of ten, Southwest Airlines is now back to boarding passengers in groups of 30. According to the airline, passengers are looking for a return to normality. While Southwest Airlines stopped blocking the middle seat late last …

March 13, 2021| 384 0

Alaska Flight Disrupted By Violent Passenger Who Urinated On A Seat

On March 9th, a passenger onboard an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Denver was asked multiple times to put on a face mask. After ignoring orders from a flight attendant, the individual reportedly struck her arm. It was later revealed by other passengers that the individual was standing up and urinating on his seat. The incident ha …

March 10, 2021| 416 0

Which US Big Three Airline Is Most Likely To Order The Boeing 777X?

Despite various delays during its production process, the Boeing 777X is a highly-anticipated aircraft among airlines and avgeeks worldwide. American Airlines, Delta, and United are considered the ‘big three’ of US commercial aviation, and have all operated previous 777 variants. However, none of them have yet placed an order for the next-generatio …

March 9, 2021| 342 0

American Airlines Encourages Employees To Get Vaccinated

Airlines are very wary of making vaccines mandatory for staff. However, American Airlines has come up with some incentives to encourage employees to get vaccinated without forcing them to do so. Staff members who accept the vaccine when it becomes available to them will receive one extra paid vacation day plus $50 of Nonstop Thanks points. In Januar …

March 9, 2021| 422 0

Icelandair returns the Boeing 737 MAX To Service

After a multi-month campaign to reassure its customers that the 737 MAX is safe to fly, Icelandair has returned the 737 MAX into service. One of the first flights operated took place on Monday, March 8th, from Keflavik International Airport to Copenhagen Airport. If all goes according to plan, that same aircraft operates a service to Paris today. Th …

March 8, 2021| 462 0

A Look At The Routes A350 Startup PRAGUSA.ONE Will Fly

Earlier today, Simple Flying brought to you the exclusive story of PRAGUSA.ONE, a startup airline that plans to operate a fleet of four A350 aircraft in Premium Economy class configuration only. Now, let’s take a look at some of the routes that PRAGUSA.ONE plans to operate. Capturing the transfer market PRAGUSA.ONE is a British company that hopes to …

March 4, 2021| 398 0

US To Drop UK Tariffs In Boeing-Airbus Dispute

The US has suspended all retaliatory tariffs on imported UK goods that were levied as part of the long-running Boeing-Airbus dispute. The suspension of tariffs will last four months and come into force on March 8th, backdated to March 4th. The two countries will now look to resolve the dispute amicably through the World Trade Organization (WTO). US- …

February 22, 2021| 500 0

Delta Air Lines Proceeds With Introducing Digital Health Passport

Delta Air Lines is moving forward with building up its resources to allow for smoother international travel. The airline is rolling out a new testing partnership for customers to order an at-home test and teases that, soon, customers flying to the US will be able to upload their negative test results online at check-in, which will clear them for en …

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