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Since the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan to the Taliban forces on 15th August, the world has joined together to rescue their nationals and Afghans. We have compiled a list of ten countries that are flying day and night, in very difficult conditions, to rescue as many people as possible. Please note the below list of countries is not complete or exhaustive. There are some countries we did not cover in this post. (The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark etc) Canada Canada is using two CC-177 Globemaster’s to rescue Canadian nationals and Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban takeover. The first flight left Kabul airport late Thursday evening, carrying 175 Afghans and 13 foreign nationals. “The Globemaster’s are currently being reconfigured to carry the maximum number of people as safely as possible, and Canadian Armed Forces personnel are empowered to make decisions on the ground in the interest of saving human lives.” Department of National Defence spokesperson Jessica Lamirande. Germany On 18th August the first of three Afghanistan evacuee flights, on behalf of the German government, arrived at Frankfurt with 130 people. The Airbus A340-300 from Lufthansa picked up passengers who had been taken by the German air force from the Afghan capital of Kabul to the Uzbek capital of Tashkent. Further special flights from Tashkent, Doha and other neighbouring nations are due to be used for evacuation purposes in the next few days. Also, German Joint Forces are performing rescue flights using the A400; as of yesterday 11 flights had been performed, with 1640 people on board in total. Pakistan Pakistan International Airlines was the only commercial airline continuing to fly to Kabul, after all the others had pulled out by 16th August. However after multiple flights and evacuating about 2000 people from Kabul, including journalists, diplomats and staff of the IMF/World Bank, PIA decided to suspend operations, due to unsafe tarmac and taxiways, debris and lack of relevant airport staff and facilities for flight operations. On Friday 20th, PIA operated two flights using an A320 and a Boeing 777. The CEO of PIA, Arshad Malik, personally flew to Kabul to assess the situation. USA The US is […]

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500 WestJet Employees Unionize – What Does It Mean?

Over 500 WestJet employees have unionized, joining the Canadian general trade union known as Unifor. Unifor is the largest private-sector union in Canada, with more than 315,000 members across the country. So what does this mean for WestJet? Hundreds of WestJet’s airport agents unionize In what Unifor calls “a major victory,” 531 WestJet airport …

March 10, 2021| 407 0

TUI Takes New 737 MAX: 9 Hour Delivery Flight From Seattle To London

TUI has received another 737 MAX, which flew over nine hours across North America and the Atlantic from Seattle to London. The plane is TUI’s 18th MAX-8 in the fleet and has been christened with the name ‘Ibiza.’ TUI’s MAX flew from Seattle to London A Boeing 737 MAX-8 plane flew an impressive nine hours en route to carrier TUI. The jet took off from …

March 2, 2021| 389 0

WestJet Reaches Tentative Agreement Over Cabin Crew Contracts

WestJet has announced that it has made a breakthrough in its negotiations with the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Canada’s second-largest airline is said to have finally reached an agreement, albeit tentatively, with CUPE Local 4070. This will hopefully result in 3,100 members of cabin crew being covered by a first collective agreement. A miles …

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The Rise Of JetBlue: How And Why The Airline Is Winning

American low-cost airline JetBlue has shown impressive growth over the past 20 years. Since its launch in 2000, it has expanded to become one of the country’s top airlines. It worked hard to differentiate itself from the competition, with better onboard amenities and a new business class concept. And perhaps the best is still to come, with a revamp …

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TUI To Become First European Airline To Resume MAX Flights Tomorrow

On February 17th, TUI fly Belgium is expected to resume flights using the Boeing 737 MAX. The airline will be flying the plane to Spain and become the first European airline to resume Boeing 737 MAX flights after European authorities gave their approval for the aircraft to return to commercial service. TUI fly Belgium to resume Boeing 737 MAX flight …

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COVID-19 Delays COMAC C919 Testing Until Autumn

Originally slated to take place in March, natural icing trials for COMAC’s C919 are being postponed due to COVID-19 travel complications. The A320 and 737 competitor was to undertake this phase of testing in London, Ontario, Canada. All aircraft must show they can withstand and then shed layers of ice without any impact on performance. Delayed to au …

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WestJet Lays Off More Staff And Cabin Crew

Canada’s second-largest airline has had to make some further cuts to its workforce, announcing this past week that 250 staff will be laid off. Citing Canada’s recent restrictions imposed on travel to Mexico and other southern sun destinations, WestJet will lay off 120 cabin crew as of March 2nd. The other 130 WestJet jobs being cut will come from c …

February 4, 2021| 437 0

Air India Seeks To Avoid Aircraft Seizures

The Indian government is moving to protect Air India from potentially seeing its aircraft seized. After a long-standing legal dispute between energy firm Cairn and the government was ruled upon, it opened the door for Air India’s assets to be taken. Here’s more on the issue. Dispute In late December, UK-based Cairn Energy won a long-standing legal di …

February 1, 2021| 414 0

Why Did Delta Air Lines And Northeast Airlines Merge?

Northeast Airlines was a stronghold in the United States aviation industry for several decades. However, the legacy carrier had a twist of fate in 1972 after it joined the fold of Delta Air Lines. Let’s take a look at why the two veterans merged. A pioneer in the industry Originally founded as Boston-Maine Airways in July 1931, Northeast was a pionee …

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Air North Helps Deliver The COVID-19 Vaccine To Remote Communities

Yukon’s Air North stepped up last week, flying a COVID-19 vaccination team up to Old Crow in Canada’s far north. One of Air North’s ATR-72s headed up to Old Crow on Friday. Onboard was Team Balto, one of the two mobile vaccination teams covering Yukon. Operating the aircraft was Captain David Laviviere and First Officer Johannes Geisler. Looking af …

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