March 14, 2021| 228 0

Why Did Air France Host A Fashion Show In A Maintenance Hangar?

This time last year, all the talk during Paris Fashion Week was about the deadly COVID-19 virus that had wreaked havoc on the northern Italian town of Bergamo. Little did they know then that a year later, rather than people-packed runway shows, French fashion houses would be holding virtual events open to not just the exclusive few but for everyone …

March 9, 2021| 265 0

Icelandair returns the Boeing 737 MAX To Service

After a multi-month campaign to reassure its customers that the 737 MAX is safe to fly, Icelandair has returned the 737 MAX into service. One of the first flights operated took place on Monday, March 8th, from Keflavik International Airport to Copenhagen Airport. If all goes according to plan, that same aircraft operates a service to Paris today. Th …

March 5, 2021| 275 0

The Impressive Rise Of Amazon Air

Search the news for Amazon Air, and you’ll find a number of stories regarding expansions and aircraft acquisitions. Formerly known as Amazon Prime Air, the growth of the eCommerce site Amazon and its dedicated fleet of aircraft is indeed nothing short of impressive. Let’s take a brief look at this five-year-old ‘airline’ and how it has reached its …

February 24, 2021| 294 0

Air France Showcases Its Country In Latest Safety Video

Air France today revealed its latest safety video. While conveying all the crucial points, the two presenters travel around some iconic French sights such as Le Louvre and the Eifel Tower before stopping off at Paris Fashion Week with an exciting emergency exit-inspired t-shirt. The safety demonstration is an integral part of any flight. After all, …

February 19, 2021| 238 0

How Pilots Have Adapted To The COVID-19 Pandemic

The global health crisis continues to rock the aviation industry from top to bottom. As a result of the challenging conditions, pilots have had to adapt. Simple Flying spoke with Senior Airbus A350 Training Captain Chris about how he and his colleagues have been adjusting. Taking action During the initial European lockdowns last year, Chris was stuck …

February 9, 2021| 276 0

Wizz’s Sarajevo base to impact Croatia Airlines, Air Serbia

Wizz Air announced its 41st base in Sarajevo last week with plans to station an Airbus A320 aircraft in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital from May 20. It will result in the launch of nine new routes and the addition of 250.000 seats in and out of Sarajevo this year. However, Wizz Air’s expansion is expected to have an impact on both Croatia Airlines …

February 4, 2021| 313 0

10 Boeing 787 Dreamliners Have Been Part Of Qantas’ Repatriation

Except for its A380 fleet, Qantas has been quietly bringing many of its planes back into service. That includes many of its Boeing 787 and Airbus A330s that mostly get used on international services. With Qantas stepping up its repatriation flights, the airline’s distinctive red tail is beginning to re-appear again at airports worldwide. All but one …

January 21, 2021| 262 0

Iberia Completes Purchase Of Air Europa at Significant Discount

After more than a year since the initial agreement was signed, Iberia has announced today the finalized acquisition of Air Europa. In November 2019, IAG, the parent company of Iberia, closed the purchase of Air Europa to create a great Spanish super-carrier, all while transforming Madrid Barajas Airport is one of the main European hubs. The COVID-19 …

January 20, 2021| 359 0

How ‘Sir Alfred’ Lived In Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport For 18 Years

Many readers will be familiar with Steven Spielberg’s 2004 film The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks. It told the story of a man stranded at JFK for years after he was denied entry but who could not return home due to a coup. The tale is purportedly based on the story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri, an Iranian refugee who lived for 18 years in Terminal One a …

January 17, 2021| 258 0

What Happened To France’s Air Inter?

We thought we would take a look at Air France’s domestic arm, Air Inter, to see what happened to the airline and why it is no longer flying. Air Inter was founded as a semi-public entity on November 12, 1954, to provide efficient domestic air transport at the lowest possible cost. Its financial backers included French public and private sector tran …

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