May 29, 2021| 195 0

Airbus Updates Suppliers On Production Plans

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus issued a press release on Thursday, May 27, providing an update to its suppliers, citing that it would continue to expect the commercial aircraft market to have a steady recovery to pre-Covid levels between the years 2023 to 2025, and this recovery will be led by the single-aisle segment as short-haul journeys in domest …

May 27, 2021| 168 0

Airbus gives suppliers heads-up of production plans

Airbus continues to expect the commercial aircraft market to recover to pre-COVID levels between 2023 and 2025, led by the single-aisle segment. The Company is therefore providing suppliers with an update of its production plans, giving visibility in order to schedule necessary investments and secure long-term capacity and production rate readiness …

April 30, 2021| 219 0

Remember When: Airbus Flew All Its Current Aircraft In Formation

We couldn’t discuss Boeing’s epic 2016 7X7-series line-up without also covering Airbus’ equally epic 2019 A3XX formation flight. Taking place in May of 2019, the flight included one aircraft from each in-production family type of Airbus’ commercial aircraft line. This consisted of the A319neo, A330neo, A350, A380, a BelugaXL – and Airbus’ newest ad …

April 25, 2021| 203 0

Airbus Set To Launch New Narrowbody A320 Replacement By Early 2030s

The A320 family has been a great success for Airbus. In service since 1988, it has overtaken the 737 in narrowbody orders (but not deliveries). There have been many upgrades and developments, most notably, of course, the A320neo. The next version could be a new clean-sheet design, according to Airbus. And possibly in service in the early 2030s. Chan …

April 20, 2021| 189 0

Why Did Airbus Buy The Bombardier C-Series?

The Bombardier C-Series was a great aircraft, but it did not sell so well. Sales increased significantly once Airbus took control of the program. Why did Airbus make this acquisition, and why has the aircraft been so successful rebranded as the Airbus A220? The Bombardier C-Series The C-Series was launched in 2008, announced at the Farnborough Intern …

February 26, 2021| 170 0

Why Finnair Won’t Be Selling Dismantled Airbus A319 Parts

Last week, Finnish flag carrier Finnair announced that it would be dismantling one of its remaining Airbus A319 aircraft. This led to a surge of interest from avgeeks and collectors, who wanted to obtain parts of the retired aircraft. However, earlier this week, the airline confirmed that the aircraft’s parts would not go up for sale. Let’s have a …

February 16, 2021| 199 0

Finnair To Dismantle One Of Its Airbus A319s In Helsinki

Finnair plans to dismantle and recycle the parts from one of its six remaining Airbus A319 aircraft at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) after deciding that the 21-year-old plane had reached the end of its economic lifecycle. In a statement issued today and seen by Simple Flying, Finland’s national flag carrier plans to take the plane apart and use its …

February 10, 2021| 178 0

Inside Emirates’ Ultra Luxury Airbus A319 Private Jet

When you think of the most luxurious airlines in the world, Dubai-based UAE flag carrier Emirates is likely to be near the top of your list. Its extensive widebody fleet allows it to showcase its glamorous onboard products all over the world. But did you know the airline also owns a VIP-configured Airbus A319? Luxurious, even by Emirates’ standards E …

January 18, 2021| 176 0

Croatia Airlines deploys turboprops on the majority of flights

Croatia Airlines is utilizing its Dash 8 Q400 turboprops on 71.6% of its flights this January as the coronavirus pandemic continues to crush demand for air travel. The aircraft is being utilized on 486 flights this month (both directions included), compared to the Airbus A319 used on 189 flights (or 27.8% of the time) or the A320, scheduled on just …

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