May 27, 2021| 152 0

Lufthansa Technik supports Flair Airlines’ Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft

Lufthansa Technik and Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier Flair Airlines have signed a comprehensive Total Component Support (TCS®) contract covering repair, and overhaul of components for the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737MAX 8 aircraft. Up to 24 aircraft from the airline’s current and future fleet are included over a period of ten years. Support for t …

May 25, 2021| 127 0

Boeing Receives New 737 MAX Order For 14 Jets

Boeing has received a new order for 14 737 MAX aircraft from Dublin-headquartered lessor SMBC Aviation Capital. The lessor says it is growing its 737 MAX portfolio in preparation for a strong recovery in air travel following the COVID-19 pandemic. The new order from the Japanese bank-backed lessor comes as airlines begin to modernize their narrowbod …

April 26, 2021| 134 0

Coy On Boeing 757 Replacement, Delta’s Fleet Strategy Comes Into View

Delta Air Lines has yet to fully reveal its plans to retire its strong Boeing 757 fleet. Cherishing every one of those lucrative and flexible jets, Delta has invested in keeping the planes airworthy and flying for as long as they possibly can. However, sustainability goals and costs associated with flying aging aircraft are starting to bear down on …

April 26, 2021| 136 0

Three Boeing 747s From Transaero Find New Homes In The UAE

Sharjah-based charter and cargo airline Aquiline International have picked up four former Transaero planes. The airline presently has ten planes in its fleet, including a 747-400 freighter. Now, Aquiline is adding three more Boeing 747-400s and one 777-200ER to the fleet. The four planes are presently configured as passenger aircraft. Six years in t …

April 20, 2021| 138 0

Boeing’s Air Force One Contractor Battle – What’s Happening?

A run-of-the-mill dispute between a manufacturer and a supplier doesn’t normally make the news. But when the dispute involves future Air Force One aircraft, people sit up and pay attention. Earlier this month, Boeing sued a contractor doing work on its 747s destined to fly future Presidents. Just a few days ago, that contractor returned serve, coun …

March 10, 2021| 120 0

Which US Big Three Airline Is Most Likely To Order The Boeing 777X?

Despite various delays during its production process, the Boeing 777X is a highly-anticipated aircraft among airlines and avgeeks worldwide. American Airlines, Delta, and United are considered the ‘big three’ of US commercial aviation, and have all operated previous 777 variants. However, none of them have yet placed an order for the next-generatio …

March 5, 2021| 103 0

What Will It Be Like To Fly On The New Boeing 777X?

Despite various delays to its production, the Boeing 777X is a highly-anticipated aircraft. The type reflects the trend towards twin-engine long-haul aircraft, as carriers increasingly favor their efficiency over the capacity of four-engine giants. That said, the stretched-fuselage 777-9 variant is set to overtake the 747-8 as Boeing’s, and indeed …

March 4, 2021| 119 0

US To Drop UK Tariffs In Boeing-Airbus Dispute

The US has suspended all retaliatory tariffs on imported UK goods that were levied as part of the long-running Boeing-Airbus dispute. The suspension of tariffs will last four months and come into force on March 8th, backdated to March 4th. The two countries will now look to resolve the dispute amicably through the World Trade Organization (WTO). US- …

March 4, 2021| 117 0

Lufthansa Eyes Fleet Of 20 Boeing 777X Aircraft By 2025

In its financial report released Thursday, the Lufthansa Group laid out details of its future fleet plans and delivery schedules. As part of a modernization and standardization strategy, it currently expects to operate all 20 of the Boeing 777-9s it has on order by the middle of the decade. The delay for the entry into service of Boeing’s new flagsh …

March 3, 2021| 147 0

Boeing 777X Undergoes Long-Range Flight Testing

Boeing’s 777X program is pushing ahead in its certification efforts, with one of the demonstrators spotted doing long-range flight testing this week. So far, N779XZ has undertaken five long-range tests, following a stint in Alaska for cold soak testing. Here’s an update on what’s going on with the flight tests for the 777-9. 777X takes a five-hour f …

February 27, 2021| 113 0

What Is Static Testing On An Aircraft?

Airliners must undergo rigorous testing procedures before obtaining the certification to operate commercial flights. Test flights represent one of the more conspicuous aspects of these procedures, and generate huge interest among avgeeks and the media. However, what goes on on the ground plays an equally important role, even if this aspect is less …

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