As countries globally begin their vaccine drives, travel restrictions are slowly being lifted. A handful of countries have already started lifting their quarantine requirements for passengers, (re)opening new destinations. Here’s which countries are opening their borders to vaccinated travelers.

Europe leadings

According to a list compiled by The Points Guy, six countries are now allowing select vaccinated passengers to skip their quarantine. Of these six, four are in Europe, giving them a head start in the process.

Iceland has opened its border to all European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland residents who have received their full vaccine doses. Passengers will need to show their proof of vaccination, including the maker, dates, location, and batch number.

All of this data can usually be found on the card given to those receiving the dose. Having this can allow you to skip both testing and quarantine requirements.

Romania made the news last month after becoming one of the first countries to allow vaccinated passengers in. Travelers can enter the country 10 days after completing the vaccine doses, with proof of the same.

While Iceland and Romania offer more liberal policies, Cyprus and Poland still have strict border controls in place. Cyprus’ vaccine plan goes into effect from March 1st. However, only select countries’ residents will be allowed to travel under the system.

Poland has also dropped its 10-day quarantine requirements for those who can prove their vaccination. Passengers can skip the quarantine even with a pre-departure test. However, the border remains closed to most countries for now.


One of the best know island nations, Seychelles, is officially accepting travelers once again. Passengers who have received their full vaccinations can enter 14 days after the last dose (this is estimated to be when vaccines reach their full efficacy) and with a pre-departure test less than 72 hours old. Known for its pristine beaches and resorts, the country is hoping to reopen to the world quickly.

Both Emirates and Qatar Airways are operating flights to the island paradise, offering strong connectivity. The new rules could see thousands of tourists return to the island in the summer, boosting the economy.


One of the most popular Asian tourist destinations, Thailand is drawing up plans to reopen to tourists. While nothing has been formalized yet, the plan would allow vaccinated travelers to skip the current two-week quarantine. If Thailand was to open its border soon, it could expect to see millions of travelers return to the country this year alone.

It should be remembered that vaccine rollouts are a slow process and it could be a while before a vast majority are vaccinated. However, for those who have got their shots, travel could be opening up very soon!

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