Flynas, the Saudi airline and the Middle East’s leading low-cost carrier, welcomed its first pilgrims’ flight this year on Saturday, June 10, ushering in the start of operations for the Hajj season of 1444 AH (2023), as part of the Makkah Route Initiative, one of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs to serve the pilgrims.

Senior flynas employees greeted visiting pilgrims from Cote d’Ivoire with flowers, dates, and Saudi coffee, introducing them to Saudi hospitality within the exceptional travel experience and top-notch services provided by flynas to its clients.

During the Hajj season this year, flynas will transport more than 100,000 pilgrims from 13 countries, increasing the total number of pilgrims and Umrah performers carried by the airline to more than two million since its inception in 2007.

“We are proud to participate in the Makkah Route Initiative to receive the pilgrims and provide them with the best service and experience from booking their flynas flights, through their trip to the Kingdom, and all along their stay until departure after performing the Hajj,” said Bander Almohanna, CEO of flynas.

He emphasized that flynas works closely with the relevant government entities to provide an integrated experience for pilgrims, reflecting the unlimited support for the Hajj and Umrah sector, of which aviation is one of the main development factors, and in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives of increasing the number of pilgrims and Umrah performers to 30 million by 2030.

“We have upscaled our fleet to increase operational capacity and deployed a specialized executive team to be available and working around the clock from the main operations center to meet the pilgrims’ needs and ensure their comfort in collaboration with the concerned authorities,” Almohanna says.

In preparation for the Hajj season, flynas received its fourth wide-body Airbus A330 aircraft in early May, increasing operational capacity and passenger numbers on new medium-to-long-haul destinations, in line with the National Civil Aviation Strategy to reach 330 million passengers and increase the number of international destinations connected to the Kingdom to more than 250 by 2030.

The “Makkah Route Initiative,” a fast-track program launched in 2019, aims to receive pilgrims and complete their travel procedures from their countries as easily and smoothly as possible, beginning with the electronic issuance of visas, continuing with the completion of passport procedures at the airport of the country of departure after verifying the availability of health requirements, and coding and sorting luggage according to transportation and housing arrangements. When they arrive, they proceed immediately to buses with dedicated lanes that will take them to their residences in Makkah and Madinah, while service organizations will transport their luggage to their homes.

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