March 16, 2021| 665 0

What Are Triangle Routes And Why Are They Used?

Before we get into the reasons why airlines fly triangle routes, let’s first explain that triangle routes most often involve making two stops along the way. The plane will take off from its hub city fly to its first stop. After landing, the aircraft will offload passengers and take on new ones before heading to its second stop. Once there, the plan …

February 24, 2021| 490 0

Alaska Airlines Milk Run Returns To Origin With Wheel Well Warning

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-700 performing a milk run flight along Alaska’s Southeast coast made an emergency landing back at Ketchikan International Airport (KTN) just minutes after taking off. The nearly 21-year-old jet registration number N618AS was heading north on route to Wrangell Airport (WRG) when the pilots received a warning notificatio …

February 1, 2021| 383 0

Winter Storm Orlena Could Wreak Havoc At Northeastern US Airports

As Winter Storm Orlena makes its way across the northeast United States, airlines and airports in the region are busy canceling hundreds of flights and bracing for a torrid few days. But it isn’t just the airports along the east coast impacted. Orlena is making her presence felt far and wide. It’s shaping up as a chaotic time for travelers ticketed …

January 16, 2021| 426 0

How The Inauguration Will Impact Travelers Heading To Washington D.C.

On January 20th, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. With this move, airlines across the country are scaling up security measures to help with the running of smooth operations amid the big day. A similar approach Ultimately, all major US carriers are introducing temporary measures during the inauguration process. …

January 3, 2021| 390 0

Korean Air Returns To Almost All North American Destinations

South Korean carrier Korean Air has been slowly rebuilding its network over the past few months, restoring its list of destinations to a pre-March 2020 state. On December 31st, the airline issued a revised list of destinations, and most of its North American destinations are back – well, almost. Korean Air’s North American destinations Revised and pu …

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