April 30, 2021| 243 0

United flies ventilators to Delhi

On Wednesday, United helped facilitate the first shipment of ventilators from Chicago to Delhi on flight UA898. “United was honoured to play a role in transporting these ventilators, donated by the US-India Chamber of Commerce DFW, to the Indian Red Cross. This is the first of several efforts United will be taking to support India during this time o …

April 13, 2021| 213 0

Emirates President: The Larger The Hub The Better

Across much of the airline industry, there is a conflict between passengers and airlines. Passengers want fast point-to-point travel. But many airlines like funneling passengers via hubs. There, the airlines can fill up planes and try to extract maximum bang for their buck. Emirates is a classic example of a hub airline The dubai-based Emirates is a …

April 11, 2021| 211 0

Emirates President: A380 Still Ideal For Slot Restricted Airports

Global giant Emirates is renowned for its large Airbus A380 fleet. The airline has come to rely on the jet to power its global hub in Dubai. Even with the global health crisis and the associated downturn in travel, Emirates sees a future for the Airbus A380. According to Sir Tim Clark, the President of Emirates, the mammoth A380 still serves an ide …

March 11, 2021| 176 0

Etihad’s CEO Casts Doubts On Airbus A380s Return

Tony Douglas, CEO of the Etihad Group, has cast doubt over whether the Airbus A380 will return to the skies for the Aub Dhabi-based carrier. The airline’s fleet has spent the past year grounded due to the pandemic. Thanks to the Dubai-based airline Emirates, the giant Airbus A380 remains a common sight in the skies above the United Arab Emirates. Wi …

March 6, 2021| 154 0

Iran Air Fokker 100 Diverts Over Attempted Hijacking

On March 4th, an Iran Air Fokker 100 flying domestic service from Ahwaz to Mashad diverted to Isfahan after an attempted hijacking. The decision was made after security guards onboard managed to successfully neutralize the perpetrator. Sources note that the hijacker sought to divert the flight to the  “southern shores of the Persian Gulf.” Iranian Re …

February 18, 2021| 194 0

United Arab Emirates Lifts Its Boeing 737 MAX Ban

The United Arab Emirates’ civil aviation regulator has authorized the Boeing 737 MAX to once again fly in its skies. This will be excellent news for Dubai-based flydubai, which has ordered 251 of the jets for its all-737 fleet. The re-certification comes with stipulations, including the requirement for local airlines to submit plans on how they wil …

January 30, 2021| 197 0

Qatar Airways Suspends Bookings From 3 Countries Including UAE

For the following week, Qatar Airways is temporarily suspending new bookings from the UAE, South Africa, and Rwanda. The move is being undertaken at the request of the UK government. However, the airline is allowing for some exceptions. Suspending new bookings, not flights Qatar Airways will be suspending new bookings from the UAE, South Africa, and …

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