June 3, 2021| 488 0

How American Airlines Is Preparing For Summer Travel

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to loom large for airlines, but the ongoing push to get the nation as close to fully vaccinated as possible has offered a glimmer of optimism, in which social and economic normalcy may return sooner than expected. This possibility has prompted many major airlines to resume flights and inaugurate new routes to accommo …

May 6, 2021| 531 0

El Al Set To Up Flight Capacity To The United States

El Al is planning to ramp up its flight schedules to the United States in the coming weeks. The airline will increase frequencies to key gateways in the country as travel demand rises. However, the Israeli airline isn’t the only one eying an expansion in the market, with other carriers hot on its heels. Jump According to Globes, El Al is planning a m …

May 2, 2021| 539 0

JetBlue Supports LaGuardia Perimeter Rule Despite American Partnership

New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) faces restrictions on operations thanks to a perimeter rule that has kept most long-range flying at two other New York-area airports. Despite increasing its LaGuardia flying due to its partnership with American Airlines, JetBlue does not want to see the perimeter rule lifted at the airport without significant chan …

May 2, 2021| 489 0

Sun Country & Frontier To Receive Over $180m In Government Aid

American ultra-low-cost carriers Sun Country Airlines and Frontier Airlines will – combined – receive just over $180 million in government aid. Under the third round of payroll support extensions, the two carriers will receive an additional influx of cash to keep the carriers running through the summer and beyond. Sun Country and Frontier agree to g …

April 28, 2021| 531 0

What Does It Take To Put A Plane Into Long-Term Storage?

The last 12 months has seen a seismic shift in aircraft fleet management at airlines. With passenger demand down in most markets and not expected to recover for some time, airlines are searching for cost savings where they can. High on their hit list are big planes, especially older big planes that are costly to run. Thousands of planes go into long …

April 17, 2021| 462 0

Colombia’s International Boom: 32 New Routes

In the last seven months, Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority (Aerocivil Colombia) has authorized 32 new international routes by 11 carriers. The new flights are to destinations in the US, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, and Curazao. Let’s investigate further. A big international expansion In September, Colombia opened up its airspace, after …

April 10, 2021| 600 0

American Airlines Crew Grounded In Sydney With COVID Symptoms

Following a positive test for COVID-19 among one of the flight attendants of an American Airlines flight between Sydney and Los Angeles, the operation was postponed. American’s flight 72 was due to depart Sydney at 9 am local time this Friday. It left nearly 25 hours later. What happened? The New South Wales health officials issued a statement saying …

April 4, 2021| 451 0

Spirit Cites Ecuador Routes In Complaint Against American-JetBlue Alliance

Spirit Airlines has filed a complaint with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) against the American Airlines and JetBlue alliance. Citing shake-ups in both airlines’ routes to Ecuador, Spirit alleges that this could be a sign of coordination beyond what is allowed under the Northeast Alliance. JetBlue and American seek to adjust Ecu …

April 1, 2021| 560 0

American Airlines Repays $2.8 Billion Worth Of Loans

Dallas-based American Airlines has paid US$2.8 billion to reduce three revolving credit facilities to zero. American Airlines borrowed the money last April in the wake of collapsing demand for travel in the United States and around the world. American Airlines starts to pay down its debts Paying down the credit balances reduces American Airlines’ deb …

January 30, 2021| 34 0

Avianca Has Almost Resumed 100 Routes

Since Avianca resumed operations in October, the South American airline has reactivated almost 100 routes. Little by little, Avianca is reconnecting Colombia and El Salvador with many Latin American countries, despite the ongoing travel restrictions and waves of COVID-19 infections. Simple Flying spoke with Avianca’s CEO, Anko van der Werff, about …

January 12, 2021| 400 0

How South American Airlines Are Responding To New COVID Variants

In an attempt to reduce or stop the spreading of the new COVID-19 variants in the region, the Latin American Governments are imposing new travel restrictions. So far, no country has officially closed its airspace; nevertheless, it is a possibility. The airlines in Latin America are readapting once again to the uncertainty. Latin America already has …

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