June 7, 2021| 257 0

Boeing and Alaska Airlines partnering on latest Boeing ecoDemonstrator program

Boeing and Alaska Airlines are partnering on the latest Boeing ecoDemonstrator program and will flight test about 20 technologies on a new Boeing 737-9 to enhance the safety and sustainability of air travel. In flights beginning this summer, Boeing and Alaska will test a new halon-free fire-extinguishing agent that significantly reduces effects on t …

May 29, 2021| 223 0


Qantas has suggested it could offer loyalty points or vouchers as an incentive for Australians to get vaccinated. It comes after Victoria’s Acting Premier, James Merlino, argued the country’s poor inoculation program contributed to the state’s latest lockdown. His NSW counterpart, John Barilaro, also recently blamed “complacency” for falling demand …

May 21, 2021| 219 0

No Love Lost As Route Skirmishes Between Qantas And Rex Continue

Amid a war of words, Qantas and Regional Express (Rex) continue to move onto each other’s routes, attempting to make a few dollars and bust up an often longstanding market dominance. While Rex makes the most noise about Qantas’ regional airline, QantasLink, moving onto routes traditionally dominated by Rex, the smaller airline isn’t shy about movin …

May 4, 2021| 206 0

Qantas Successful In Stopping Ex-Executive Starting At Virgin For Now

Qantas has succeeded in its legal bid to temporarily prevent a former executive from joining arch-rival, Virgin Australia. With Nick Rohrlach due to start as CEO of Virgin Australia’s loyalty program, Velocity, on Monday, Qantas was in court on Friday to try to stop this happening. A last-minute win for Qantas Singapore’s High Court issued an injunct …

April 26, 2021| 177 0

How The Boeing 717 Changed Qantas

The Boeing 717-200 flies under the radar at Qantas. Many people don’t even know the airline operates the aircraft type. Flying the plane was never part of the long-term plan at Qantas. But Qantas inherited the 717-200 when they bought out another airline in 2001. Since then, the Boeing 717-200 went on to be a surprise sleeper hit for Qantas. Qantas …

April 26, 2021| 202 0

Three Boeing 747s From Transaero Find New Homes In The UAE

Sharjah-based charter and cargo airline Aquiline International have picked up four former Transaero planes. The airline presently has ten planes in its fleet, including a 747-400 freighter. Now, Aquiline is adding three more Boeing 747-400s and one 777-200ER to the fleet. The four planes are presently configured as passenger aircraft. Six years in t …

April 22, 2021| 217 0

What Happened To Qantas’ Retired Boeing 747s?

It is nearly 12 months since Qantas flew its last Boeing 747 flights. In the middle of a dire 2020, Qantas sent its final 747s out in a blaze of publicity. At the time, there were hopes the planes would go on to fly for another airline. But has this happened? What has happened to the retired Qantas 747s? Last year’s 747 retirements now gathering dus …

April 20, 2021| 211 0

Boeing’s Air Force One Contractor Battle – What’s Happening?

A run-of-the-mill dispute between a manufacturer and a supplier doesn’t normally make the news. But when the dispute involves future Air Force One aircraft, people sit up and pay attention. Earlier this month, Boeing sued a contractor doing work on its 747s destined to fly future Presidents. Just a few days ago, that contractor returned serve, coun …

April 15, 2021| 238 0

Qantas’ Domestic Leisure Market Has Reached Pre-Pandemic Levels

Qantas is reaping the benefits of Australia’s internal borders re-opening and people’s increasing willingness to travel. The airline’s key domestic leisure market is back to pre-pandemic levels. According to Qantas’ CEO, as he walks through airport terminals, every new day now feels closer to normal. Speaking at an online CAPA Live Event on Wednesda …

April 13, 2021| 212 0

Could A Slow Vaccine Rollout Ruin Qantas’ International Plans?

Qantas is sticking with its timeline to resume international flying. This is despite mounting problems with the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Australia. The airline has most international flights back in its schedules from October 31. That date aligned with Australian Government timelines regarding the mass vaccination of its citizens. But Austra …

April 10, 2021| 340 0

United’s Fleet Takes A Hit With Boeing 737 MAX & 777 Groundings

United Airlines is now in the second sudden fleet crisis. After facing the surprise grounding of select Boeing 777 aircraft that has kept most of the 777-200s out of the schedule, the airline faced another blow today with the surprise 737 MAX announcement. While the latest issue with the MAX does not affect all of the airline’s aircraft, United has …

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