March 9, 2021| 265 0

Icelandair returns the Boeing 737 MAX To Service

After a multi-month campaign to reassure its customers that the 737 MAX is safe to fly, Icelandair has returned the 737 MAX into service. One of the first flights operated took place on Monday, March 8th, from Keflavik International Airport to Copenhagen Airport. If all goes according to plan, that same aircraft operates a service to Paris today. Th …

March 5, 2021| 208 0

Why Has Icelandair Flown A Boeing 767 To Antarctica And Back?

Even though Icelandair’s aircraft are based just outside of the Arctic Circle, one of its Boeing 767-300ERs took a trip to the other side of the globe to Antarctica last week. The jet was operated by Loftleiðir, which is Icelandair’s charter subsidiary. Its mission was to offload provisions for staff at the Norwegian Polar Institute’s Troll Researc …

February 15, 2021| 216 0

Icelandair Ferries Two Boeing 737 MAX Jets Back To Reykjavík

With plans to resume 737 MAX service in late March or early April, Icelandair is “repatriating” its jets and bringing them home from storage in Spain. Two of these aircraft were spotted making the journey to the airline’s home at Keflavik Airport on February 14th, after having been in storage since October 2019. Flight details According to data from …

February 3, 2021| 230 0

Which Countries Accept Vaccinated Travellers?

As countries globally begin their vaccine drives, travel restrictions are slowly being lifted. A handful of countries have already started lifting their quarantine requirements for passengers, (re)opening new destinations. Here’s which countries are opening their borders to vaccinated travelers. Europe leadings According to a list compiled by The Poi …

January 11, 2021| 265 0

How Icelandair Fulfils Its Wider Role In Icelandic Economy And Society

Icelandair recognizes the wonders that its country has to offer. The airline has expressed that there are plenty of tourism opportunities across Iceland, and it aspires to play an integral part in the nation’s progress in this field. Simple Flying recently had the opportunity to speak with the chief executive officer of Iceland’s flag carrier, Bogi …

January 7, 2021| 220 0

Icelandair Eyes Airbus A321LR As Boeing 757 Replacement

The Boeing 757 is being rapidly retired amid fleet restructures in recent years. Soon, there will only be a handful of commercial carriers operating the narrowbody for passenger operations. Icelandair’s CEO Bogi Nils Bogason recently spoke with Simple Flying about his company’s plans to replace the jet. Notably, the Airbus A321LR could be the plane …

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