March 14, 2021| 228 0

SpiceJet Continues To Grow Domestic Schedule With 66 New Flights

SpiceJet has announced 66 new domestic routes, including dozens of regional routes under the UDAN-RCS scheme. Many routes will begin operating at the end of this month as the airline looks toward a domestic recovery. Let’s find out more about SpiceJet’s latest expansion. New routes According to Hindustan Times, the new routes will mainly focus on a r …

March 9, 2021| 260 0

Impressive: IndiGo Holds Over Half Of The Indian Domestic Market

IndiGo has over half of India’s domestic market this month and takes the top spot at all of the country’s top-20 airports. Its dominance has existed for years, but it’s good to see the numbers maintaining despite the challenging circumstances. It has 343 domestic routes this month, with Bangalore having more routes than its other top-five airports. …

February 10, 2021| 202 0

IndiGo A320neo Diverts With Engine Troubles

An IndiGo Airbus A320neo diverted to Kolkata after suffering from engine issues. The aircraft was flying from Guwahati to Bangalore when the pilots noticed a warning notification. The flight landed safely and passengers were later taken to Bangalore on a replacement aircraft. Diverted The incident occurred on IndiGo flight 6E291 from Guwahati to Bang …

February 3, 2021| 255 0

Which Are India’s Busiest Airports?

As the world’s third-busiest aviation market, India is home to several major airports across the country. From Delhi to Port Blair, traffic across airports has been rising quickly in the last decade. Here’s a list of India’s busiest airports. Data used in this article is from the fiscal year 2020, April 1st, 2019 – March 31st, 2020, the most recent …

January 27, 2021| 242 0

What’s Behind The Surge In New North America To India Routes

2021 will mark the beginning of several new connections between North America and India. From Air India’s Bangalore to San Francisco to United’s Delhi to Chicago service, carriers are jumping on the chance to start new routes. So what is driving this surge? And why are new routes cropping up at a time of low demand? Long coming Despite being one of t …

January 6, 2021| 265 0

The Top 5 New United Airlines Routes For 2021

United Airlines is planning for an interesting 2021. Even in the difficult 2020, the airline launched some new long-haul international routes. The airline still has plenty more to come in 2021 and may even end up launching new routes this year in a bid to gain more revenue as it maintains a robust order book and has plenty of free aircraft sitting …

December 27, 2020| 193 0

2020 In India: The Biggest Aviation Stories Of The Year

2020 has been an interesting year for the aviation industry, to say the least. From a complete flight ban for two months to an impressive recovery, the year has seen some big aviation stories. Let’s recap the biggest aviation stories of the year. Flight ban Perhaps the first indicator that 2020 would be anything but business-as-usual came at the end …

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