August 5, 2021| 357 0

Air France Focuses On The Caribbean And Europe This Winter

Air France confirmed its main focus for the winter 2021 season will be Europe and the Caribbean. The airline will focus on leisure destinations with six new routes as well as the continuation of seven summer routes. As the summer season ends in the northern hemisphere, Air France is looking towards the winter months. The airline confirmed it will st …

March 15, 2021| 271 0

British Airways CEO Says Airline Remains Committed To The A380

Sean Doyle, CEO of British Airways, has given hope to Airbus’s giant of the skies. The British flag carrier’s CEO confirmed that the aircraft would indeed return to service. However, exactly when isn’t immediately apparent. Around the world, the fate of the global Airbus A380 fleet is uncertain. While some such as Emirates and Singapore Airlines rem …

March 14, 2021| 251 0

Why Did Air France Host A Fashion Show In A Maintenance Hangar?

This time last year, all the talk during Paris Fashion Week was about the deadly COVID-19 virus that had wreaked havoc on the northern Italian town of Bergamo. Little did they know then that a year later, rather than people-packed runway shows, French fashion houses would be holding virtual events open to not just the exclusive few but for everyone …

March 11, 2021| 248 0

Etihad’s CEO Casts Doubts On Airbus A380s Return

Tony Douglas, CEO of the Etihad Group, has cast doubt over whether the Airbus A380 will return to the skies for the Aub Dhabi-based carrier. The airline’s fleet has spent the past year grounded due to the pandemic. Thanks to the Dubai-based airline Emirates, the giant Airbus A380 remains a common sight in the skies above the United Arab Emirates. Wi …

March 6, 2021| 347 0

Why Did Airbus Build The A318 Baby Bus?

The Airbus A318 is the European manufacturer’s smallest commercial aircraft flying today by length. It measures just 31.44 meters long, but why is it so small? And why did Airbus choose to build it in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at the story of the ‘Baby Bus.’ Where did it come from? Airbus launched its popular A320 family in April 1988 …

March 5, 2021| 249 0

Breaking: Air France 777 Vandalized At Paris Airport

An Air France Boeing 777 has been vandalized by environmental protesters at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport. A group of activists from Greenpeace bypassed security at the facility and gained access to the location of the Boeing 777, then proceeded to spray paint the aircraft green. Greenpeace breaks into Charles de Gaulle A team of activists from Gr …

February 24, 2021| 315 0

Air France Showcases Its Country In Latest Safety Video

Air France today revealed its latest safety video. While conveying all the crucial points, the two presenters travel around some iconic French sights such as Le Louvre and the Eifel Tower before stopping off at Paris Fashion Week with an exciting emergency exit-inspired t-shirt. The safety demonstration is an integral part of any flight. After all, …

February 20, 2021| 280 0

First Air France Airbus A220 To Be Delivered In September 2021

Despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the airline industry, Air France is pushing forward with the integration of its Airbus A220 order into its fleet. It has recently emerged that the French carrier will be sticking to its original timescales, receiving the first example this autumn. Specifically, the first Pratt & Whitney-powered …

February 18, 2021| 238 0

Air France-KLM’s 2020 Loss Exceeds $8.5 Billion

The Air France-KLM group released its annual financial results today for the full year 2020. As expected, the group posted a heavy net loss of €7.1 billion ($8.5billion). The group also reported a 59% fall in revenues and an overall drop in passenger numbers by around 67%. Another set of results and another devastating loss. Airlines around the worl …

February 18, 2021| 275 0

Why New Widebodies Will Be In High Demand Once The Pandemic Has Passed

The global health crisis continues to take its toll on the aviation industry from top to bottom. While passenger activity has plummeted across the board, it is long-haul operations that have generally been most affected. As a result, many widebody aircraft have been parked for months while several have been retired for good. However, Airbus shared …

February 7, 2021| 440 0

Why Do Airlines Paint Planes In Special Liveries?

When done right, an airline’s livery can be one of its most effective marketing tools. A memorable paint scheme can help to galvanize wider brand recognition, which in turn fuels a carrier’s growth. However, sometimes, airlines will deviate from their known templates to coat certain aircraft in special liveries. But what are the reasons for doing t …

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