***Read Carefully***

Apexx inc will pay either via bank transfer or paypal, according to the policies you’ve chosen for your property.

There are a few ways to see if a guest paid online:

  • The subject line of the guest’s booking confirmation email will say “paid online.”
  • This will also appear in the ‘Status’ column of the extranet’s ‘Reservations’ page.

Guests are charged in accordance with your policies, and we guarantee full payment will be made by guests before they arrive at your property. If the credit card provided is invalid and your guest does not update or provide a valid card within 24 hours, the reservation will be automatically canceled and no commission will be charged.

Extra fees and charges are usually included for online bookings unless they’re broken down per person and set to “excluded” on the extranet.

Apexx Inc doesn’t collect damage deposits from guests. However, you can still arrange a damage deposit directly with your guests based on your own house rules.

You will need to provide your guests with an invoice at check-out-either on paper, by email, or both. This is because the reservation agreement is a direct transaction between you and the guest, not with us.

A few important details about invoices:

  • Apexx Inc holds no responsibility for invoicing and will not send invoices for any room reservation to you or your guest.
  • Please make sure any invoice you send to guests is issued in their name (or any other name agreed on with the guest).

When a guest is charged, it may have tax implications for you depending on the local tax policy.

Once you have initiated a refund, Apexx Inc will take care of the rest. The amount won’t be paid to you, and we’ll refund the guest on your behalf.

For refunds made via bank transfer, we’ll deduct the refund amount from your next bank transfer payout. If you have no payout amount at that time, the refund amount will be due.

Our system auto-generates your payment and sends it to you once the customer pays for the reservation, depending on the hotel’s payment policy.