Fiji Airways, the country’s national airline, is pleased to announce a new interline agreement with JetBlue, located in the United States.
Customers may now purchase rates on both airlines on the same ticket, conveniently linking them between flights on Fiji Airways and JetBlue. This comprises a thorough inspection from the point of departure to the ultimate destination.

Andre Viljoen, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Fiji Airways, has welcomed JetBlue, stating that the potential for both airlines is infinite.

“Americans looking for a vacation in Fiji will now find it much easier to connect onto our flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco.” According to research, many Americans believe that Fiji is too far away and impossible to reach. With this collaboration, Fiji Airways has made it even easier to visit our Fijian paradise.

We’ve been looking at new ways to expand our presence in the United States, and I’m thrilled that JetBlue has joined us as an interline partner.”

Fiji Airways’ primary emphasis is the US market, and with this new collaboration, the airline will be able to expand and expand its award-winning service to the East Coast, Utah, and Florida.

“With JetBlue, we can welcome guests beyond the US given the airline’s 100 domestic and international network destinations including Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Orlando, Utah and San Juan,” he said.

Americans may not only visit Fiji easily, but also connect to Australia, New Zealand, Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan), and Pacific Island countries with Fiji Airways on a single ticket.

This is also good news for Fijians and other Pacific Islanders who wish to see more of the United States, visit friends and family, or interact with people from other areas of the world. JetBlue allows clients to book a flight with many connections with a single ticket.

Fiji Airways has daily flights between Nadi and Los Angeles, as well as up to five flights each week between Nadi and San Francisco.

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