In another measure to keep flyers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta Air Lines will install hand sanitizer aboard their aircraft. Starting with their fleet of Boeing 757-200 fleet, all of the Atlanta-based carrier’s aircraft will soon offer sanitizer stations at the boarding door and lavatories.

Delta Air Lines is increasing their commitment to keeping passengers safe, by adding hand sanitizer to all their aircraft. In a press release, the Atlanta-based carrier announced they would add stations to all their aircraft, starting with their fleet of 111 Boeing 757-200 airframes.


According to the airline, adding hand sanitizer stations at the entry door and lavatories is one part of a five-step process to keep passengers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The individual stations were developed through a process started in June 2020, and will feature Purell-brand hand sanitizer.

In addition to installing the stations, the airline will also install other safety measures. The airline will explore ways to add hands-free features in lavatories, including touchless faucets, flush levers and waste lids. Current next-generation aircraft in the airline’s fleet, including the Airbus A350 and A330-900neo, already have many of the touchless features installed. Lavatories will also feature signs reminding flyers to wash their hands before leaving the facilities.

Flight attendants will continue to wipe-down high touch surfaces in lavatories multiple times during every flight, using kits including disinfectant sprays and wipes. And between every flight, the airline will continue to use electrostatic spray treatments to kill viruses and reduce the odds of contracting the novel Coronavirus from flyers aboard a previous flight.

“Building on Delta’s already robust onboard cleanliness efforts as part of the Delta CareStandard, these new, industry-leading cleanliness features create a safer, more comfortable onboard experience for customers and employees alike,” the airline wrote in a press release. “Using the same innovative spirit we’re known for, we continue to evolve, always with cleanliness and safety top of mind.”


The additional safety measures instituted by Delta are part of a larger COVID-19 response by the airline, as they try to welcome back passengers who were afraid to fly. Earlier in August 2020, the carrier announced they would extend their face covering policy through the holiday season, while continuing to block the middle seat to encourage social distancing among passengers. For those who claim they cannot wear a face mask due to an underlying condition, Delta offers their “Clearance-to-Fly” protocol, which requires a tele-health appointment with a doctor before flyers board an aircraft.