This week American Airlines introduced “trip credits” which are automatically generated and sent by email for the unused value of a ticket. Trip credits have a ticket number and are valid for a year from date of issue. They work just like the old eVouchers did… with a catch.

You don’t wait for a customer service email, and that’s good. But you cannot combine a trip credit and an evoucher towards purchase of the same ticket.

  • You can use an evoucher and cash to buy a ticket.
  • You can use a trip credit and cash to buy a ticket.
  • But you cannot use an evoucher and a trip credit

In other words, this is going to mean that customers have different kinds of credit that aren’t combinable – instead of using all the credit we have first, we’ll have to give American Airlines more money even while they’re already holding onto our money.

Up to 8 trip credits can be combined towards a new ticket, but there’s currently no way to combine a trip credit and an evoucher.

A spokesperson tells me that they’re “working on” a solution that would allow eVouchers and Trip Credits to be combined towards a single ticket but “timing is TBD” and until then it isn’t possible.

The easy workaround, it seems to me, is just to allow transfer of evouchers into trip credits (or ‘purchase’ of a trip credit using an evoucher). And a workaround is probably all that’s needed, because eventually evouchers will disappear and all that will be in circulation are trip credits.