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American Airlines is advancing its high-speed inflight Wi-Fi, making it more user-friendly and accessible for passengers wanting to work or simply surf the web during their flight. This includes a new option for AAdvantage® members to pay for Wi-Fi using miles, an initiative starting on selected aircraft in the coming weeks and expanding to all Viasat-equipped narrowbody planes by the summer. This move exemplifies American’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience for AAdvantage® members. Improvements in Wi-Fi service mean passengers can now stay connected from the moment they board until they disembark, thanks to gate-to-gate connectivity on most mainline flights.

For those seeking a complimentary internet option, ad-sponsored Wi-Fi is available on all domestic narrowbody flights equipped with Viasat. The inflight Wi-Fi portal is undergoing a redesign to improve user experience, making it easier to navigate and use with a sleek new look, fewer steps to connect, and direct communication options like pop-up messages. This redesign, which will be implemented throughout the year, aims to streamline access to Wi-Fi, entertainment, and promotional offers from American and its partners. Additionally, American is upgrading regional aircraft with high-speed Wi-Fi in partnership with Intelsat, aiming to equip nearly 500 dual-class regional planes starting this summer for a seamless and connected inflight experience.

Entertainment onboard is also getting a boost, with American being the first to offer streaming on its entire mainline fleet. Passengers can enjoy a vast selection of over 1,500 free pieces of content, including movies, TV shows, and more, with about 200 new titles updated monthly based on current trends and customer feedback. Highlights include a channel for award-nominated films, a Women’s Stories channel, and a Paramount Scares channel for horror fans. For families, American introduces sensory videos for babies in partnership with Hey Bear Sensory and wellness options like meditation and stretches through a collaboration with FitOn. Music enthusiasts can explore the Center Stage program for interviews with both emerging and established artists. American also offers unique promotions through its partners page, including a special offer from Apple TV+ for new customers, enhancing the value of the inflight experience for all passengers.

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